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Posted: September 18, 2016
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Practice Application Solution- GNW Clarification


  As per requirement, The product claim should goes to root category skilled processor. The processing of product claim is based on product price. The urgency also is based on product price.

Question1: In Solution, We have used to ToSkilledWB router, GNW is used with Get Assign From WB First Checked. In this case, GNW will check for assign in WB if nothing found it may goes to WL. 

But I implemented like, use ToLevelGroup router. GNW is used with Get Assign From WB First Unchecked. In this case, GNW will check for assign in WL if nothing found it may goes to WB. Ideally all work item wil be in WL. In my implementation i did not use use WB routing. Could you correct me, why shoudl not I use my approach. 


Question 2: GNW picking is baed on urgency since solution is not customized. But per requirement it should be based on price, then urgency as second priority. Because there are two claim: P-1 price 100 USD, created at Sep-01. P-2 price 7000 USD created on Sep-17.  Here the case P-1 may takes more priority then P-2. Corret me my understanding.


Question 3: OOTB Step#4 findAssignmentInWorkbasket,when it will be used. When this OOTB run specific WB.

Few more questions

The case intial urgency is base on product price. Later Goal(2 days), DeadLine(5 days), Passed DeadLine(1 day) respectivly 20,20,10. 


Question1: As per solution, SLA added in first assign where Processor Review Product Claim(Assign-1). But we are having lot of other assignements such as 1.Attach Proof 2. Validate Warranty 3. Approve 4. Arrange Inspection Technician. All these rest 4 are having default as SLA rule.

Assume Processor just open P-1 from Review assign submitted very immediate, it goes to attach proof. It assignment waited there 1 month(30days). The case urgency would not be increment right?


Question 2: What we can do for Goal, Dead Line, Passed DeadLine urgency also based on Price. 

Can we created Decision shape to decide many assign based on Price limit. Then for each assign give seprate SLA accordingly.





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