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PRBootstrap: Error initializing PRAppLoader

Hi All,

We have performed an out of place upgrade from version 8.1.2 to 8.3.1. After the upgrade and when we try to bring up the server we get the following error:

[8-11-19 12:46:21:752 CET] 00000057 PRBootstrap W com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstrap.PRBootstrap PRBootstrap.calculateEngineCodeVersionFromDB() - unable to calculate codeset version from database: ORA-00942: Tabel of view bestaat niet.

[8-11-19 12:46:21:754 CET] 00000057 PRMiniLoader I com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstrap.PRMiniLoader Will load phase 2 bootstrap from Pega-EngineCode:
[8-11-19 12:46:21:757 CET] 00000057 PRMiniLoader W com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstrap.PRMiniLoader PRMiniLoader - unable to load classes from the database: ORA-00942: Tabel of view bestaat niet.

[8-11-19 12:46:21:759 CET] 00000057 SystemOut O /opt/was85/as/profiles/nodeo01/installedApps/cello01/rbg-prpc-intranet.ear.ear/APP-INF/lib/boot/prbootphase2.jar (No such file or directory)
[8-11-19 12:46:21:759 CET] 00000057 SystemOut O Perhaps executing with a non-standard classpath (e.g. JUnit tests)?
[8-11-19 12:46:21:761 CET] 00000057 PRBootstrap I com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstrap.PRBootstrap
============ PegaRULES Bootstrap Configuration ============
Date: Fri Nov 08 12:46:21 CET 2019
Java Version: IBM Corporation 1.8.0_191
Configuration: wsjar:file:/opt/was85/as/profiles/nodeo01/installedApps/cello01/rbg-prpc-intranet.ear.ear/APP-INF/lib/prresources.jar!/
Database: Oracle Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
Driver: Oracle JDBC driver

(!) Unable to use given database configuration
(!) Unable to locate classes on filesystem
=============== End Bootstrap Configuration ===============

[8-11-19 12:46:21:761 CET] 00000057 PRBootstrap E com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstrap.PRBootstrap Error initializing PRAppLoader
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstrap.phase2.PRBootstrapImpl
at com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstrap.PRMiniLoader.loadClass(

We have verified the DB connections and they all work fine.

Also if we point to old rules schema and bring up the server, it works. So pointers from any one on how to fix this issue.

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