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Posted: March 9, 2017
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prconfig.xml for 7.2.1

We are upgrading from PRPC 6.3 to PRPC 7.2.1. Can we reuse the prconfig.xml file entries (see below) as is or are there additions/deletions that should be made?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<env name="initialization/settingsource" value="merged" />
<env name="database/databases/PegaRULES/dataSource" value="java:comp/env/jdbc/PegaRULES"/>
<env name="alerts/database/acquireConnectionAlertMS" value="200" />
<env name="database/transactionalLockManagement" value="Standard" />
<env name="initservices/initmq/pollers" value="true" />
<env name="initialization/persistrequestor/usepagelevelpassivation" value="false" />
<env name="diagnostic/clipboard/pageNamesToTrace" value="CTIPhone" />
<env name="authentication/trojanhorseprotection" value="1"/>
<env name="management/enabled" value="true" />
<env name="management/interval" value="120" />
<env name="management/notifications/appender" value="ALERT-AES-SOAP" />
<env name="timeout/browser" value="9000" />
<env name="timeout/portlet" value="9000" />
<env name="initialization/ContextRewriteEnabled" value="true"/>
<env name="initialization/SetBaseHTMLContext" value=""/>
<env name="initialization/explicittempdir" value="/amp/apps/wspega03/properties/EWF/explicitTempDir"/>
<env name="HTTP/SetSecureCookie" value="true" />

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