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Julia Olkhovska (JuliaO52)

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Posted: September 15, 2017
Last activity: December 15, 2017

Pre-existing rule conflicts when import rulesets for localization


We are using Pega 7.1.6 and we have created for ruleset of localization next version. Lets say, in a QA we have MainRuleset_uk:01-01-01 + MainRuleset_uk:01-01-02 and in DEV we have the same + MainRuleset_uk:01-01-03. In DEV a lot of field-values from MainRuleset_uk:01-01-01 and 01-01-02 were re-translated in a version MainRuleset_uk:01-01-03 (we would like to have different versions for translations for it can be easily reverted). When we are trying to import this ruleset MainRuleset_uk:01-01-03 from DEV to QA, Pega says:

⇒ Pre-existing rule conflicts

Warning! These rules already exist in the system in a different ruleset.

The recommended best practice is to refactor the existing application that references these rules or to repackage your bundle without the affected rules.

Alternatively, work with your application team to decide which ruleset should contain the affected rule(s). You may continue to load the rules by selecting them below. However, this will replace the existing rules on the system with the same name and may cause incompatibilities with the existing application that references those rules. If you choose not to load the rules, the rules that reference these instances may not work correctly.

So, each of rule should be marked in "Replace" column to import it in QA. There are 100+ of such rules, so it is really an issue to mark each of them since Pega don't give us here the option "select all".

Any ideas on it?

Thanks in advance

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