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Posted: August 25, 2016
Last activity: August 30, 2016

Predictive Analytics Semantics

Both predictive and adaptive models fall under the concept of predictive analytics.    However sometimes in the student guides "predictive model" is used when I think it should be "predictive analytics".   

As an example on page 14 in the PDME Student Guide the following statement is made:

The propensity for each customer/product combination is determined by the predictive models in the decision engine

On page 38 in Decision Management Advanced:

Now, in the Determine Propensity Component, we’re going to use Predictive Analytics to determine the propensity of
each of the remaining propositions. ... In order to calculate the propensity, we use an Adaptive Model component that references the actual
predictive model. The referenced predictive model is configured to monitor customer characteristics like
Age, Region and Salary....The Adaptive Model determines the propensity.

When they use  the phrase "predictive models" in both quotations -  are they not referring to predictive analytical models which is a superset of both adaptive and predictive models.   They are not referring to predictive models that utilize historical data ?

Just want to clarify my understanding....  any comments will be appreciated.

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