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Preferred way of flushing a node level data page and preloading it on certain node type in 8.3.2

I'm seeing different posts on this topic but different answers.

When we load in certain data, we want to flush a node level data page with quite some results on all nodes in the cluster, or if possible only on nodes of a certain node type (web). After that, the node level data page should be preloaded on all nodes or if possible only on the web nodes.

What is the advised way to flush a node level data page on all cluster nodes, and what is the advised way to preload it on multiple nodes?

Currently, we are doing that by calling OOTB activity pzFlushDataPage with param FlushAllInstance = true. The preloading is done by doing a reference to the data page, but that will only load the data page on the util node on which an agent runs. We want to preload it on the 3 web nodes. For the method Load-DataPage I'm not sure if it loads also on other nodes that the one where the activity step executes ( An alternative for preloading is to create an agent that runs on a certain node type, but I think it can be done more easily.


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