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Regina Siochi (ReginaS9)
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Regina Siochi
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Posted: September 14, 2020
Last activity: September 15, 2020

prevent 'tabindex' from being added dynamically to table layout 'td'


Product: Customer Service Application 

Version: 8.3

Accessibility Issue:  Tabindex is set on the first cell ('td') for every row causing extra tabbing for users with disabilities.  We want to remove the tabindex from the first 'td' and only allow focus on interactive elements within the cells, such as links.  

How do we prevent tabindex from being dynamically added to the first cell of every row?   

I found an article linked here ( that mentions that this issue was resolved for product version 8.4.2. Is there an available resolution for the Customer Service Application version 8.3? 

We have tried the following approach with no luck:

  • Applied the following code 

function setGridCellTabindex(){      $("#gridLayoutTable table.gridTable tr.cellCont td.gridCell").attr('tabindex', '-1'); };


$("#gridLayoutTable").on('keydown', '.gridCell', function(e) {    var keyCode = e.keyCode || e.which; 

  if (keyCode == 9) {        setGridCellTabindex();   }  });

  • Issue with code

It will set the tabindex of <td> elements to -1, but since the tabindex is being added dynamically to the first 'td' as user tabs through the table cells and focusable elements within a table, the first 'td' remains tabbable. 


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