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Posted: October 11, 2019
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Posted: 11 Oct 2019 7:58 EDT
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Printing Correspondence generated PDF size

When generating a PDF from a correspondence with the Pega Platform the PDF will correctly be generated. When viewing that document in the Pega PDF viewer it appears correct. When printing the document from the browser the print scaling size is set to "Default" which results in text being cut off. Selecting "Fit to Page" must be selected. The print sizing should default to "Fit to Page" to mimic functionality when downloading and printing from Adobe.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Generate a correspondence to PDF that is at least two pages long (or upload one).
  2. Select the attachment to view in the Pega attachment viewer.
  3. Select the Print icon
  4. Note the Print preview will show the bottom of the page cut off
  5. Print the document, the bottom of the page will remain cut off
Attempted Solutions

Download the document to the desktop and open in Adobe Reader. Printing from there works fine. Additionally we could add a message requesting the user to select "Fit to Page" when printing from the browser.

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