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Posted: April 21, 2020
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Private edit button is not visible

Usually, if below conditions are met, Private edit button should be available even if the ruleset is locked.

- "Allow rule checkout" in "Security" tab of operator record is checked

- "Use check-out?" in "Security" tab of ruleset record is checked

- Access Group of user has "pxAllowPrivateCheckout" privilege


If Developer A login using default authentication, Developer A is able to private edit the rules in locked ruleset.

If Developer B login using custom authentication, Developer B does not see "Private edit" button, hence developer B cannot private edit the rules in locked ruleset.


Is there anything I need to consider in order to allow private edit, when using custom authentication? It might not be because of authentication, but this is only the difference I see until this point.

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Pega Platform 8.3.1 User Interface
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