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Victor Minero (VictorM4522)
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Posted: June 24, 2020
Last activity: June 24, 2020

Problem aligning a table grid footer column with a column of the table grid body


I have a requirement in which I need to Sum all the values of a table column and to display the total at the bottom of a table grid layout. This total must be aligned with the corresponding column. I have obtained the total and I have set it on the table footer. I aligned the total with the corresponding column(See screenshot number one). However, when the table is displayed in a screen with a lower resolution, a scroll bar appears and the totals in the footer are not aligned anymore with the columns of the grid body (see screenshot number two). 

I tried to add the total sums to the table's source Data Page as recommended on this post , but the problem is that my table has sorting and filtering on the columns and thus, when filtering or sorting is applied, the totals are also affected(See screenshot number three and four). 

Any suggestions of what can be done to solve my problem?

Thank you in advance!

Pega Platform 8.1.8 User Experience Financial Services System Architect