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Pt. Asuransi Sinar Mas
Posted: June 13, 2017
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Problem Call Harnes, Pop Up Window


I have Problem in My project. My Project Show Table in Section "TreatyYear", and in here i have button "List Description". If I click Button "List Description", then show harness (pop up window) "Treaty Description". In Table "Treaty Description" i have button "Show". If Button "Show" i click in ID "10001", then show section "Treaty Limit".

The Problem is, if I changed the page in section Treaty Year, and click button "List Description", then all the button in section "Treaty Description" not function. I mean the activity is not proses.

Information :

Picture 1. This is Screen from Section "Treaty Year" in page 5. This Section have Button "List Description". In Button List Description, have action "Harnes(Pop Up Window).

Picture 2. This is Screen Pop Up Window Harnes (Treaty Description). If i click button show, then show section "Treaty Limit" (picture 3).

Picture 3. Section Treaty Limit have fuction "Add Data". Function "Add Data" in the button "Tambah". Now, i click Button "Tambah", then show layout for input data. But, if i want to cancel the proses Input Data, then i close the pop up window (Picture 4).

Picture 4. I close the pop window with default button close.

Picture 5. I Change the "pagination" from before in page 5 to page 6, and then i click button "List Description".

Picture 6. Then show Screen Pop Window Harnes(Treaty Description). But, the problem is, if i want to click button "Show" then is not proses. I already check the "tracer" but tracer is empty. Nothing Call Activity.

Picture 7. Screen Cell Properties from Button "List Description".

Can You Help Guys...?

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