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Problem with changing case level SLA (OverallSLA) time based on user input in local action.

I have a requirement to change the case level SLA (OverallSLA) based on user input in local action. The initial case SLA is set as goal time = 8 days, deadline= 10 days. User should have the ability to change the SLA at any given time. I am using PRPC v7.1.9

I have taken the following approach:

Because the OOTB pyAdjustSLATimes Flow-Action is capable to adjust only current assignment level SLA, (and not the case level SLA), I have created a custom flow action which takes pyAdjustSLAGoalDateTime and pyAdjustSLADeadlineDateTime values from user input. In Flow-action’s post activity, I have used the API activity rule pxAdjustSLATimes with the following parameters.

AssignmentID = .pxFlow(OverallSLA).pxAssignmentKey

ResetSLAToGoal = No

AdjustmentMode = "Fixed"

GoalOverrideDateTime = .pyAdjustSLAGoalDateTime

DeadlineOverrideDateTime  = .pyAdjustSLADeadlineDateTime

Commit = Yes

All other parameters left blank.

I am getting the following error message: ** ** The assignment is no longer available

On debugging, I found the error is coming from Assign-!OpenAndLockWork Java step which checks if work and assign are in synch.  The reason is, pxFlowName= OVERALLSLA and clipboard page is .pxFlow(OverallSLA)  (case mismatch).

Then there is another problem. newAssignPage is only having the following values, and does not hold pxRefQueueKey.

pxFlowName =  OVERALLSLA

pxObjClass =       Assign-Internal


pzStatus =           valid

Kindly suggest if there is any alternative method to achieve this functionality.


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