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Jimmy Wijaya (JimmyWjy)
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Posted: January 10, 2017
Last activity: January 30, 2017

Problem: Different Results With Different Access Role

Good day guys!

I got a problem here when testing a case, it appears when I'm using another operator ID to test the case.

I've already checked running a case with different OperatorID and the result page is different than my operator ID.

This is what I know:

1. I am creating/updating/designing 'that' case with my operator ID (ex:@jimmy.wijaya) and I've already checked in all ruleset.

2. The other Operator ID's Access is "MyApplication:Users" and my Operator ID's Access is "MyApplication:Administrator".

3. I am using clipboard page to reference a grid layout on that Section (Other section works fine though).

4. There's a missing clipboard page between case created by myAccess and other'sAccess. (I've already checked, it didn't related with the grid layout)

5. The data inside clipboard page that being referenced to a grid layout is a mess when using another Access Role

6. I did not using any validation involving Access Role or involving specific OperatorID.

Is there something missing from 'that' case?

Picture 1: A case when creating from my Operator ID (This is the right one)

Picture 2: A case when creating from other Operator ID (with different Access Role)

Picture 3: This is the design prototype.

I trace the process (in the Designer studio as Administrator) and didn't found any problem and it works fine/good, but still this problem occurs when using different AccessRole. Please. Do help me resolve this.

Thank you,


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