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Problem invoking Javascript

I am developing an application that will be run inside our customers corporate portal. The corporate portal work with tabs for each internal application that is open and has its javascipt library for opening applications in tabs.

For our Pega application, we have a Portal that has a main harness. For this harness we have imported the corporate javascript library and can open new tabs in the corporate portal when invoking other corporate applications. The main harness uses a tabbed section, so every new work item is open in a tab.

The problem we're facing is when we start processing a case and from inside our perform harness we try to invoke another corporate application where our operator needs to review some data to process the case. When we do this, Pega is not able to execute the js function, as it can't find it (even if we add the js library to this harness as well).

Any suggestions on how I could fix this?

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