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Posted: 6 months ago
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Problem with pzindexes


I have a bug on my application that I can't seem to understand. 

I am looping on an embedded Page Group of my parent case. For each page of this list, I am calling pxAddChildWork on child cases to create new WOs. The start of these cases are then trigerring a save on my top case so that a declare index is called and sometimes I get : 

"An unexpected issue occurred while processing the declare index - DPSCedreID on class ... " 

And later I have many errors : 

The page or property pyWorkPage.STParc.STList(1).ResourceList(1).pzIndexes(DPSCedreID) is in read only mode and can't be modified . Calling method  :  Détails : (none)"

What could have happened ? Where should I look ? 

Most of the times, there are no problems but for one page in the list there is and then everything is broken...

Thanks in advance,


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