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Problems using IAC for MashUp

I am using Pega MashUp and I have identified the following problems:

When I use the code below in the development environment, it works correctly and displays the desired screen

<script src ='…;
<div data-pega-gadgetname ='PegaGadget'
data-pega-action ='OpenWorkByURL'
data-pega-action-param-query ='pyActivity=Data-Portal.ShowDesktop'
data-pega-isdeferloaded ='false'
data-pega-applicationname ='Oficinas'
data-pega-threadname ='STANDARD'
data-pega-systemid ='PEGA_DEV'
data-pega-resizetype ='stretch'
data-pega-url =''
data-pega-redirectguests ='false' ></div>

However, when I modify the address, that is, the environment, Pega is unable to identify the application indicated in the data-peg-applicationname = 'Oficinas' tag

2020-01-28 20: 37: 03,617 [ch Thread t = 008ba140] [STANDARD] [] [] (ngineinterface.service.HttpAPI) ERROR | - Exception occured: Unknown Application: Oficinas

What could have generated this error? What kind of assessment should I apply? Is it an IAC specific problem?

Can You help me ?

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