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Subhanku Saha (SubhankuS2462)

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Posted: July 20, 2020
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Process all assignments in a Split for Each if one of the assignment is updated

I have a requirement to create multiple approval assignments dynamically, based on data entered in the case. All the approval assignments need to be processed simultaneously. So considered using Split For Each shape. Now the requirement, only if all the assignments are approved the case is approved. But if one assignment is rejected, or sent back for correction, all other assignments need to be closed and the Split for Each needs to be joined.

Join "Iterate" and using Exit Iteration when did not work, as for Iterate the assignments does not get created simultaneously. So used Join "All". Now going back to the requirement, if one assignment is rejected, how can I process rest of the Assignments for auto completion? 

Used pxDeleteAssignmentsForWork, it deleted all assignments, but the assignments did not join and the flow was stuck forever.

Have an option to reset the Goal/Deadline of all assignments to 1 second and then use Advance Flow action from the SLA. But this may impact the report on the Past Goal/Deadline in the application.

Need suggestion of a better option.

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Pega Platform 8.1.4 Case Management