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Process all child cases and rollback on error

What's the best way to perform an action on all child cases (covered case), trap errors and handle a rollback? For my use case I have N child cases and I need to perform a flow action on each one. For each child case I'll call a flow action to either withdraw the case or call resumeFlow() to move the case out of a hold workbasket to make it active. As I iterate over each child case and take action I want to trap errors and rollback. I want to rollback all child cases even if the action on the last one of say 10 children fails.

Originally we wrote an activity to iterate over the list of children, called obj-open, then called resumeFlow(). This works when there are no errors but it does not work when I trap an error and try to rollback. All previously updated child items have been committed automatically by PRPC.

There has to be a better way to do this. Perhaps a split for each shape.

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