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Process stuck on a wait shape


I have searched for similar issues, and even i find some posts, i didn't find the exact same issue :

A lot of instance of our case are stucked into a wait shape (not every instance).

The flow is composed of a wait shape configured with 2minutes interval and after that is a shape calling an activity.

A lot of our cases instances are stucked in the wait shape. We can End the wait manually and it continue the process, but why is PEGA not always functionning properly ? (some are stucked for more than 1 month without any reason)

I suppose that maybe the agent is not working properly.

We're using CSHC 7.1.4 on Pega 7.1.9

What should i look for ? How to know if there is an issue with the agent ?

Thank you.

Pega Platform Case Management
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