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Processing assignments from a different application creating items with incorrect prefix

I'm having issues where work items are being created with the wrong prefix. They are being created with a default C- prefix. Everything works correctly when I create/update items where the work item is defined (let's call this Application A). I've created a common "support" monitoring application (let's call this application B) where we want to monitor several applications. From App B we would like to perform admin tasks to do things like retry a service call and continue the flow. From App B I can find work that we've routed to support work basket and use actions. However, when the flow reaches the next assignment shape the pxApplication property of the assignment is set to "Application B". Subsequently when the flow tries to create a child item the prefix is not correct.

When I do the same thing from Application A the assignment's pxApplication property is set to "Application A" and the child item is created with the correct prefix. This is expected since the parent and child item are defined in this application but I'm not sure how to explain why this does not work from Application B.

Application B has access to Application A's rules and I can action the items but I'd like some help explaining why the outcome is unexpected.

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