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Posted: June 4, 2020
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Product Pega Marketing v8.3.0. Error in Trace a Service from Package PegaMKTContainer


    I try to trace the service "PegaMKTContainer/V2/CaptureResponse" and when I run "Action > Tracer"  always outputs this message:


Tracer session error: This rule RULE-SERVICE-REST PEGAMKTCONTAINER V2!CAPTURERESPONSE33A9EDDC81205172FECA77EDCCD81BB1 #20180514T183221.085 GMT is being traced by operator from requestor H6MIOISO7B0JU5PVN9YZNNMW36Q2406SFA - Please restart tracer.


¿How can I restart the tracer of the requestor that has this rule locked?, in Admin Studio the requestor session does not appear in order to run: terminate tracer.

¿Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? thanks a lot.


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