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Fred Goldbach (FredG487)
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Posted: May 25, 2017
Last activity: April 6, 2018

Production Level missing on Enterprise Health.

Hello! I am upgrading an application from PRPC 6.1 to PRPC 7.2.2. I added the QA application to AES. AES is running on PRPC7.1.8, AES 7.1.7.

The issue/question I have is that the on the Enterprise Health, the Prod Level for the PRPC7.2.2 application is showing as "0", which is not correct.

When I display the nodes, the cluster is showing a prod level of "0", which matches the Enterprise Health. The individual node shows the correct production level.

Why doesn't Enterprise Health show the correct production level? Is there a hotfix for this?

Please see the attached screen prints. Thanks.

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