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Project with period(.) in the project name (Or nameSpace) builds but fail to run.

Using Pega Robotics Studio 8.0.1061.0

I have solution named Client.Project (Client.Project.ossln) within solution i have 2 Pega Robotic Project
1. Client.Project.Main.osproj
2. Client.Project.Utilities.osproj

Client.Project.Utilities is added as a reference to Client.Project.Main & Manage imported projects is also carried-out ..
. Project build successfully, but runtime fails with below error:

Error loading project.

Invalid project path: C:\..\...\Runtime.DeploymentExtract\Project-8D5ABA174A8F0C2\Client.Project.dll

Question is why the project path dll name is missing the .Utilities, shouldn't it be Client.Project.Utilities.dll

I checked the solution explorer in the rerences it is (Client.Project.Utilities) correct, but in project properties it is (Client.Project.dll) wrong. (Refer attachment)

The project work correctly if there is no period(.) in the project name

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