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Posted: April 20, 2021
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Posted: 20 Apr 2021 5:28 EDT
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Propensity Value Not Updated on Positive /Negative Outcome


I am facing an issue with Propensity Value not getting Updated on Positive / Negative Behavior. The Interaction History is updating properly with the required Outcomes as per the Proper Direction and Proper Offers but the Propensity Value is not increasing or Decreasing.

The Outcome is of positive / Negative behavior is added in the Adaptive Model in strategy (Accepted is Positive, Rejected in Negative). The Accept and Reject is done through OOTB MKT Buttons Accept Action and Decline Action, and no Customizations done for this.

If the Clicked is added as a positive Behavior in the Adaptive Model then the propensity value is updated but that is a just work around but we want the propensity value to be calculated based on other Outcomes. 

Also Found in Model Management Landing Page that the Accepted or Rejected is never coming in the Latest Responses, only Displays Clicked and Impressions.

Can anyone help me with what other steps is needed have the Adaptive Model to calculate Propensity Value based on Accepted and Rejected Response. The Pega Version we have is 8.4.1. I have also attached the Document with Screenshot of all the rules.




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