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Property not picking on local actions with a When condition

Hello All,

I have checkbox that has the following Actionset:

1) Post Value

2) Run Data Transform

3) Refresh Section

4) Local Action (based on a when condition to check whether pagelist is > 1

My data transform appends data to a top level page which are copied based on certain criteria. I want my local to fire only when the pagelist is > 1. I have tried following approached:

1) A when rule in the in local action to check the lengthofpagelist which does not work

2) Setting a flag value in my data transform and having the value displayed on the UI and again firing the Local Action based on value.

The first time I check the box, nothing happens however when I check and uncheck the box again the local action displays'. However, when I click cancel, the popup open up again.

I am all out of ideas. It would be great if someone could help!


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