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Property with pzExternalName qualifier is returning empty values when used in Data Transform



I have a Service REST which sends a JSON to my pega application and I have use Map to JSON in service request tab to directly map it. Also I have used JSON data transform to map it pyWorkPage.

Sample JSON:



      "eventType":"NEW",       "loanNumber":"12345",    }


I have created the property structure and used pzExternalName property qualifier to map the input JSON request to appropriate property in work class. All the values from the JSON request is mapped to appropriate property in the clipboard 

But the problem I faced was when i tried to read the work class property in a data transform. I was unable to get values when I pass the property ID to fetch the value. It seems I have to use the pzExternalName value to fetch the property values which is not possible.

Kindly provide a solution or workaround for this issue.


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Pega Platform 8.2 Data Integration
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