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Posted: October 29, 2020
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Posted: 29 Oct 2020 13:10 EDT
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Property Reference in case gone missing

History: Application is running on Pega7.2.1. In our app, we use more than 500 property references in our cases. The app is in production for 2 years with an annual volume of 20 million cases, over this time span, we have less than a handful of cases that suddenly have all the property references missing after some user flow actions. So happen very rarely.

Last year, in a POC environment, the environment team has upgraded to Java8 on our Pega7 app, which is not supported. We will a significant spike of cases have property references missing. Chance is higher than 5%. We rollback as Java8 is not supported by Pega7 anyway.

Recently, we just upgrade the app to run on Pega 8.4 with Java8. We now see this issue happens like a third of the time and mostly witnessed by the testing team but not developers. Dev team still has a hard time to reproduce it but we do see it. When the case is corrupted, we will close the case from the portal and not save the changes and the case is still healthy in the DB.


Any advice?

Thanks in advance.



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