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Property-Set Method is not working for CSV string


One of our Client Requirement is to Parse CSV file and process the records based on Parsed Data.

I am using pxUploadCSVResults to process the CSV file using attached OOTB Java code.

In the end of Java code , below line is being used to put the list of columns as comma separated string. This will give the columns that CSV page contains and its dynamic one.

tools.getParameterPage().putObject("csvPropertyList", propList); -> This gives CSV string like below.

Param.CsvPropertyList -> [TestProp1,TestProp2,TestProp3..........]

After Processing the CSV file, I am exporting the Pagelist property using OOTB activity pxConvertResultsToCSV which takes input in below format

Input CSV string to pxConvertResultsToCSV -> TestProp1,TestProp2,TestProp3......

I am not able to do any string actions on Param.CsvPropertieslist(like replaceAll,substring). Kindly advise on this issue.

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