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Posted: June 3, 2020
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Posted: 3 Jun 2020 12:45 EDT
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Proposition filter using an strategy returns the value from penultimate component

We have a strategy that we are using in a proposition filter from the NBA Framework. When we run the strategy in standalone or as the extension point of our business group as part of the engagement policies it works as expected. When we run the same strategy as a custom criteria of the proposition filter, this is done by the NBA Desinger when we add the strategy as a condition in Engagement Policies, we are not getting the correct result.

We have noticed that the returning value for this latter case, no matter if we pick “Final Output” od “Last Component Name”, is the actions from the penultimate component in the strategy. 

Our last component is a “Prioritize” component, we have tried replacing it by a filter component with pxRank==1, but got the same result so the component type is not the issue. If we replace the component or add a filter component at the end and use a hardcoded expression like @contains("MyOffer",.pyName) it returns only one result as expected, however this hard-coding is not an option for obvious reasons.

Notice that we have been doing the testing with both the auto-generated proposition filter and also creating a proposition filter manually.

May you help me with this issue. Might it be that my strategy got corrupted or there is an issue using them in the proposition filters?


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