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Posted: September 14, 2016
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PRPC 5.5:How to connect a database via JAVA code using DB name as input irrespective of pyConnectMethod value

The need is to fetch CLOB data from an external DB using Stored Procedure. If the SP is called via RDB-method then system is truncating after 4000 char. To mitigate this , we have to call the SP from java code. Is there a function or API where we can pass the DATA-ADMIN-DB-NAME object as input and can access the connection pool already exist or get a new connection? We can not explicitly sent DBUsername, Password or JNDI details as that will be treated as security violation.

The second part of requirement is to make the connection generation process in a common activity or function and pass the connection object to the calling activty. The calling activity needs to catch the connection object and use the same to generate and execute the Stored Procedure.

Please suggest how to achieve this.

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