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Carl Orr (CarlO545)

CarlO545 Member since 2015 5 posts
Posted: April 5, 2016
Last activity: December 13, 2016

PRPC 7.2: steps gone missing

Getting some weird behavior from 7.2, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen it or knows how to recover from it.

I somehow managed to delete all the steps from an existing process. (I think what happened is I accidentally clicked next to the process name, thinking it would give me a drop-down, but instead it deleted it and all the accompanying steps. I then closed without saving, since there's no undo, in the process losing some work I had previously done on a step. When I re-did the work on the step and then saved, the steps seemingly vanished.)

Even weirder, and what makes me think this is a bug rather than a feature: the "Add Step" button that's normally at the bottom of the stage/process/step list is also gone. So not only are my steps gone, I can't add any more. (See stage 2 below.)

Pega steps gone.png

If I click on the process name, the process flow is still there, so the steps still exist in that capacity. I can view and even modify the flow. I can run the case and it gets to the steps, but it tells me no view has been created for the first step. I did create a view for this step, and its section still shows up in the app explorer, but I don't see how to re-attach it to the step.

So, questions: Where did my steps go, and why did the "Add Step" button go with them? How do I get them back? If I can't get them back and have to rebuild the whole stage, so be it, but then how do I re-attach the section/view to the step? Suggestions very much appreciated.

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