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Posted: September 13, 2017
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PRPC 7.3 Issue is opening a file stored in local drive

I have a requirement to open a file using link stored in text property of workobject. The file is not attached to workobject but only the link is stored as part of workobject. I tried having the FileLink field as a Link control and open the Link in the click action but that did not work. Hence I handled this requirement by executing activity using java method in refresh section action. The FileLink is part of pagelist property and displayed in repeating grid. When any of the links is clicked for the first time the file is opening properly but after first time when user clicks any of the links(whether same as first link or other), the file is not opening. If I refresh the harness manually using the button Action ->Refresh, click the file link then the file opens properly.

I traced the events, the activity is executed properly but the file is not opened. The only difference between first time click and subsequent clicks is Reload harness is triggered automatically for the first time click but for the subsequent clicks reload harness is not triggered. Hence I tried to called reload harness as an additional then also the issue is not resolved.

Any light thrown on this issue would be of great help to resolve the issue.

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