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prpcServiceUtils - updateAccessGroup Not Functioning

While performing SSA v7.2.1 Course - Ex: Creating a new application version, I started wondering how you could bulk update all of the app's Access Groups to point to the new version. I found the following Help article "Updating access groups from the command line" at the link below.
The help article suggests downloading and using the tool "prpcServiceUtils" and specifying values in the properties for "updateAccessGroup" (my example is listed below). Upon downloading the tool, I configured the files and I noticed that the following properties were missing from the file, so I added them below the property "user.temp.dir=". I then copied the entire tool package to the SSA VM and applied the necessary permissions.
  • updateAccessGroup.applicationName=HRApps
  • updateAccessGroup.applicationVersion=01.01.02
  • updateAccessGroup.groupList=HRApps:Administrators, HRApps:Authors
Upon execution using the command from the Help article (./ updateaccessgroup), it reports the error below. Based on these findings, it appears that the tool does not support updating access groups as documented, unless I'm doing something incorrectly.
  • Tool Error: Unknown tool type updateaccessgroup
    • export | expose | hotfix |import | getStatus | manageTrackedData | help [options...]
Thank you for any assistance or direction you can provide.
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