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PRPC:Unauthenticated access group question

We are trying to customize the out of the box logoff behaviour for our application where once user selects log-off , the browser window will automaticlly close. The out of the box behaviour after logging off is

1. User will see the log off screen

2. Redirected to log in screen

For our change we have modified the out of the box Code-Security.EndSession activity in our ruleset version and added one step to close the browser window. While debugging using tracer we found that once the user hits the logoff link, it was calling the out of the box EndSession activity(not the customized one). Once we have updated the  PRPC:Unauthenticated access group and added our own application rule inside it, the new EndSession activity rule is getting picked up. 

I would like to know:

1. How the PRPC:Unauthenticated access group is being used by the user at the time of log off. The test user id is pointing to our own application specicfic access group.

2. How can we change the above behaviour as I don't want to change the PRPC:Unauthenticated access group. I would like to create a new  unauthenticated access group and let the user to use that at the time of logging off.

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