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Posted: August 19, 2020
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Posted: 19 Aug 2020 7:40 EDT
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pr_read_from_stream returns null for property


I'm trying to find all Activities that are using a certain method (say 'Page-New'), or a certain step page (say 'pyWorkPage').

For some reason when I use the Designer Studio search with Rules + All Content + Contains I don't get the result I expect (only very few activities appear).

Question 1. Is there another reliable way to search in Designer Studio without going to the database?

Now, I went to the database and I ran this:


pr_read_from_stream ('.pySteps(1).pyStepsActivityName', pzinskey, pzpvstream) pyStepsActivityName, pr_read_from_stream ('.pySteps(1).pyStepPageReference', pzinskey, pzpvstream) pyStepPageReference 

FROM pr4_rule r

WHERE     1 = 1

       AND pxInsID = '!TESTPRREADFROMSTREAM'        AND pxObjClass = 'Rule-Obj-Activity';

The query came back correctly for pyStepsActivityName (it was 'Page-New'), but the pyStepPageReference came back as NULL (on Clipboard it shows 'RH_1.pySteps(1)'. Without it, it is not easy to continue searching there.

Question 2. Is this a defect of pr_read_from_stream I am dealing with?

Many thanks,



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