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Pulling database values into HTML and check their values

Hey all! I am very very new to Pega so please take that into consideration when answering this question of mine.

I created a Dynamic Layout:

Which i added the following inside for the HTML (SlidingAlertMenu):

Doing so gave this to me:

Which allowed me to create my own HTML for the page.

So I have all of that now. Its showing on the page as it should and all. However, I am unsure how to go about pulling data that's currently already being used on the page into my HTML in order to check some values from a table.

I did find this example in another post:

<pega:forEach name="D_MyWorkList.pxResults">
  <td><p:r n="$THIS.pzInsKey"/></td>
  <td><p:r n="$THIS.pyStatusWork"/></td>

But I am at a stopping point now as I can not seem to find the database from inside the Designer Studio and how to go about looping and checking values.

I'm guessing that I can also do Java on this page since its set to JSP? So would it be easier to do what I am looking to do in Java or Pega HTML?

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