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Posted: October 16, 2019
Last activity: October 18, 2019

Purge/Archive Flow failing to update archive work object for next execution


Pega 8.2.2

We have scheduled a Purge/Archive configuration to execute every 30 days. This successfully creates a work object of type PegaAccel-Management-Archival and the flow rule (ProcessArchival) is setting pyCalculatedGoal property so that the flow is resumed by the Service Level agent at the scheduled time. Our work objects are then successfully archived and purged from our DB however the flow then fails when it attempts to re-calculate and save the revised pyCalculatedGoal on the archive work object with error "Save, Delete or Commit has failed because lock "PEGAACCEL PXMA-36" is not held" (which can be seen in the SLA SYSTEM-QUEUE-SERVICELEVEL instance). We believe this is due to a failure in Activity pzBatchPurgeArchive which doesn't have a lock on the archive work object. We have made sure that the archive work object is not held by any other user at the time the flow attempts to update it.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


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