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Posted: November 19, 2020
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Purge/Archive Work objects into another database table

Hi everyone,

    We have a requirement to Purge/Archive the work objects of our application into another database and also provide the ability for the user to search these work objects and open to see the details.

Approach what we are thinking:

Use Pega OOTB wizard for Purge/Archival and then import the work objects into archival DB using an agent. Unzip each zip file created by Pega and open each WO, update the work class with archival work class and push it into archival DB.

This approach will be fine for our daily load of 15000 resolved cases. But, the issue is our application went into production in 2015 and 7 million work objects got piled up and all these records also need to be purged and archived. With our approach above, it will take ages to archive millions of these work objects with 15k daily load adding on top of it. So, is there any better approach we can go with? Any temporary approach to just archive the 7 million work objects also works.

What we are thinking is move these 7 million work objects within DB from current tables to archived tables. But with this approach the work class will be same in both DBs for all work objects so it may give errors when user tries to open the archived requests.

Appreciate any help. Thank you very much.

Durga Prasad


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