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Purpose of Integration ruleset and Data layer


I am creating a REST connector using a wizard. Since I am new to this I have a couple of questions.

#1. I find wizard created a separate new ruleset than what I already have. Why would we need this ruleset? Every time we create service or connector, if we get more and more rulesets, isn't that complex? Pega creates a Int ruleset when we create a new application, why wouldn't we use it?

#2. I find wizard also creates "Data layer" on top of "Int layer". In my understanding, Int class works as an intermediate page to put request and response. That temporary page is removed right after we map the response to properties in Work class. So, we only need Int class and that should be enough. On what purpose do we need this Data class? Having Int and Data make things complicated, I think.

#3. If we use wizard, it creates a bunch of rules like Int class, ruleset, properties, etc but I think I can create Connect REST rule by just right click manually. Still things should work and it is very simple. What is pros and cons between using wizard and doing manually?


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