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Posted: March 17, 2021
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Posted: 17 Mar 2021 9:25 EDT
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Purpose of overwriting pyOutcome in pxAdaptiveAnalyticsFlow

In our client's build, an external system sends an email that is selected by CDH, and receives responses (Opens and Clicks) from customers. The responses are then ingested back to CDH in batches nightly for recording in IH and attribution to adaptive models.

Currently, no click responses are being attributed to email adaptive models, although they are being written to IH. I have verified that the model rules have defined "Click" as the positive response, and that incoming click activities have "Click" as the value of pyOutcome.

After troubleshooting the chain of activities and data flows triggered by the file ingestion, I noticed that the value of pyOutcome is being overwritten to the string "_EMPTY_" at the Convert component in the "allow only predictions" path in the pxAdaptiveAnalyticsFlow data flow.

What is the purpose of this change in value?

The effect is that the data has nowhere to go once it reaches DF_ProcessResponses data flow. The interaction does not qualify to pass any of the filters in either of the three paths DF_ProcessResponses as long as pyOutcome is set to "_EMPTY_". If the value of pyOutcome was "Click" at this point, then the interaction would be recorded in pxAdaptiveAnalytics data set.

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