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Posted: June 22, 2020
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Posted: 22 Jun 2020 23:21 EDT
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PUT /refresh assignment in Pega API invoking validation / OnChange-action

hi all,

We are on Pega 8.3.1 and are following the steps below :-

1. Create a Case using POST [https://host/prweb/api/v1/cases] - working fine, getting the CaseID

2. Next, get case details by doing GET [https://host/prweb/api/v1/cases/ABC-WORK-XYZ123456] - working fine and we see the data being populated those were in pyDefault set. We are also picking the AssignmentID from here.

3. Next  get assignment details by doing GET [https://host/prweb/api/v1/assignmentsASSIGN-WORKLIST ABC-WORK-XYZ123456!CollectDetails] - We are getting 200 OK response, getting all actions, the RefreshFor ID's however, do not see the data being populated those were in pyDefault set in any of the "value : ". 

4. Here the section configured has fields with OnChange where we have Refresh THIS section with Activity/Data Transform. We expect if we next do a PUT, passing the corresponding refreshFor and in the Message-Data/BODY, send the values in a "content"{ABC:{}} structure, the OnChange will fire, any validation will trigger etc.

However step 4. is entirely not coming back since our Activity / Data Transforms are not triggered. Only for OOTB errors, e.g. passing a string for a DateTime is coming back with a validation message. We are not sure what we should be doing differently. Any guidance will be helpful.


thanks for your time.


Pega Platform 8.3.1 Case Management