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pxchangestage Activity

I have a resubmit requirement in my project.

When i click a button it should move to the previous stage. so in the actions tab of the button i have created an event click and and two actions first action is run activity and finish assignment

In run activity i called pxchangestage and in changetostage option i set the stage name and click cleanupprocess checkbox

And when i run the case the first shape assignment

second shape approve or reject

third shape approve or reject

fourth shape assignment

second shape approve or reject

it is working as expected in approve to assignment

and assignment to approve stages

but in fifth stage i configured to move to the second stage

but it is moving to the third stage

it is moving one stage forward

for example if fourth stage is approval and i want to move to second stage approval means it is moving to third stage approval

I don't know why this is happening could you please help me to solve this problem

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