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pxCommitDateTime in work history table issue after daylight saving

In work history table pxCommitDateTime lags behind the pxTimeCreated that’s where we observed after recent daylight saving began on 11th March 2018 and the issue last for 1 week. Our BIX process is based on the pxCommitDateTime and because of this time lag issue we missed few data to extract for that week as per our logic. Ideally what I understand pxCommitDateTime must be either equal or greater than pxTimeCreated for any history item getting added.

We are using DBaaS (Oracle 12.xx) where date time is all based on GMT.

  1. Just wonder to see why this time lag has happened for 1 week and then diminish on its own

  2. Why there is lot of time gap between pxCommitDateTime and pxTimeCreated. For example, we are seeing pxCommitDateTime is 6 to 10 hrs ahead of pxTimeCreated? Does it mean Pega OOTB commit take so long to commit the data?

So two contradictory things are observed here –

  1. pxCommitDateTime < pxTimeCreated. Where ideally it should be more than pxTimeCreated. This issue last only for 1 week after daylight saving

  2. pxCommitDateTime is way more than pxTimeCreated that we observed continuously.

Please see the attachment indicating these 2 issues.

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