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pxForceCaseClose doesn't work on last subcase


We are having some issues regarding the usage of pxForceCaseClose in an activity. We use pxForceCaseClose function to forcibly close all the child case of the specific parent case in the whole case object. The steps we have are as follows:

  1. The parent case is being created along with child cases through a Service-SOAP of Pega.The child cases can have two or more child cases.
  2. Our system needs to be able to force close all the child cases to "Resolved-Withdrawn" status.
  3. On the first try, all cases have been closed successfully. At some point, we can create another batch of child cases on the same level as where it was withdrawn. Therefore, we have now, 2 or more "Resolved-Withdrawn" child cases and two or more "Pending-X" child cases.
  4. We attempt to force close all the child cases of the parent case the second time around.

Unfortunately, it doesn't force close all child cases. It keeps on retaining the last child case when we do pxForceCaseClose function. We've tried on two, three, four, and even ten child cases but it always leaves out one child case still in "Pending-X".

What can cause this issue and how can we be able to address this?

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