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Burak Ataman (BurakA90)
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Posted: March 23, 2021
Last activity: March 23, 2021

pxGenerateExcelFile issue with the format of DateTime property on excel export

Hi All,

We are using pxGenerateExcelFile activity to generate and export an excel file based on the values in a Page list. Excel is generated and exported fine but we have an issue about the for DateTime properties in the excel.

Class of list items is Assign-Worklist and pxDeadline property is used in the excel file. This property is of DateTime type and with values such as "20201103T190000.000 GMT".

When pxDeadline  property is also exported via excel, we only see the first row of the excel with in correct format. The rest of the rows are not formatted and appear in General format and we see values such as "44277,83333". If user formats these cells into Date format in the excel manually after export, they see date values in correct format.

We tried to change the format of date column in excel template with Text or Date or a custom format and then upload it, but it is not working. The cell format of the column is kept only for the first row and for the rest of the rows it is changed in to General format.

How can we solve this formatting issue?

Thanks in advance

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