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Matthias Guenther (MatthiasGuenther)

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Posted: February 12, 2019
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pxHTTPServletRequest in Pre-authentication activity


I try to access pxHTTPServletRequest in the pre-authentication activity of a SAML2 based SSO authentication service, but the object is always empty. I am trying it in a Pega 7.4 environment with following statement:


In other PDN articles i have found, that this object is only available during the authentication. As I am here in the pre-authentication activity of my authentication service, i would guess, that the object is present here?!

Any ideas, why it is not the case?

Thanks & regards, Matthias

Background for my scenario:

Pega is called from an external non Pega portal to run the SSO against IdP. After authentication Pega create a session for the user and redirect to the external non Pega portal, which is then interacting with the Pega user session. For the correct redirecting to the external non Pega portal, I have to read some parameters from the original request which is coming from the external non Pega Portal in the first step. This parameters are then used for the redirecting from Pega to the external non Pega Portal.

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