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".pxInsName: Keys of Instance Value must be specified" when executing pyStartCase via SOAP


I've got a problem running a simple soap-call against a service which uses pyStartCase to start a certain case.

If there is no assignment-shape between the start-shape and a utility-shape (which should perform a pxMove) the soap-call fails with the error message:

".pxInsName: Keys of Instance Value must be specified".

If I put a assignment-shape in between the start- and utitlity-shape everything works as expected.

Same happens, when I call the Flow within the case in PRPC with "Run".

The error message is:"Key:Keys of Instance Value must be specified"

If I look into the clipboard "pyWorkPage" is empty and marked red - the Tracer gives me some errors like "The Record is stale."

Any hint or help is really appreciated, since i've working on this more than 2 days right now.

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