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pxPropertyName too long when optimising for reporting

Hello All

I am optimising a number of properties within our application and found that when I do an error is returned from within the activity Validate, Step 34 - Property-Set-Special. The error appears to occur as the propertyname that I am trying to optimise is greater than 64 charactors.

PropertyName - .ServiceInventory.EdgeServiceInventory.DSLServiceInventory.IPType

Is anyone aware of a way around this as we have built our data model in such a way that it fits our purposes for maximum re use. Is there a way I can expose this field without having to compromise the structure?

The best way to see this is to go to a concrete class,open the definition and add the column_name and property name manually, the error then appears at the top of the screen ans within tracer.

Kind regards

Andrew Lamey

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