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Posted: May 19, 2021
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Posted: 19 May 2021 2:35 EDT
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pxRefQueueKey is not getting removed from Assignment after successful SLA Execution

1) Provide an Assignment Level SLA

2) Configure SLA with Goal, Deadline based on property value. On Deadline completion, run an activity to send email

3) Set Limit passed deadline events to , but no activity on execution

4) SLA and the deadline activity getting executed without any issues. Entry of the SLA Instance is removed from the System-Queue-ServiceLevel

5) But the SLA instance id, pxRefQueueKey property at Assignment level set at Assign-Worklist or Assign-Workbasket sometimes not getting removed.

6) Due to which when resolving the assignment it throws "Instance of class Queue not found: SYSTEM-QUEUE-SERVICELEVEL" error while executing Step 21 of Pega Out of Box activity "CompleteAssignment" in Class: Assign- and Rule Set Version: Pega-ProcessEngine:07-10-15

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