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Posted: July 11, 2020
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Posted: 11 Jul 2020 22:58 EDT
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pxResults Page list reached to 10K limit

Hi Folks, I have been working on a requirement where I have to process lot of records say PriceList and the limit can go up to 25K records. Now after developing the solution when I am doing my unit testing to check the threshold of the code, Initially I observed that I am not able to see few records in the PriceList.pxResults() after certain records and when looked at the pxResults I realized that it is not holding records after reaching 10K count.

Is there any way to accommodate all the results in the page list without exhausting or altering the pxResults? I am OK to change the design as well. Right now, I am getting the data from an external database via RDB query (obviously not in a one go) and appending them in a clipboard page (PriceList.pxResults) and I must show these PriceList records on the UI for further processing.


Appreciate any help here!! Thanks!

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